to NONE, the fanlisting for LINDSAY^_^. Most of us fanlisting owners are familiar with Lindsay! She's the gal that will make even the loneliest of fanlistings feel special! Some of us felt that she deserved a fanlisting all her own for being such a great fan with many & varied tastes! If it wasn't for Lindsay, some fanlistings may not have any members, and it's those times we are especially happy that she's out there! A fanlisting is a list of fans from around the world stating that they are a fan of a particular subject. In this case, that subject is LINDSAY^_^, so if you are a fan like I am, join up!


Last updated: June 20, 2024
# Fans Listed: 136
# Pending: 0
Newest members: Aelyn
Category: NONE
Listed @: http://NONE (Not anymore, :D now we're listed at Alterlistings.org)

I wonder if Lindsay will join her own fanlisting? If you drop by, LINDSAY^_^, this one is for you! <3

Update: Lindsay has joined! :D


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